SWAT Executables

The SWAT model is a command line tool that uses text input and output files. SWAT2012 rev. 692 was released 14 Nov 2023.

The objective of the SWAT model is to predict the effect of management decisions on water, sediment, nutrient and pesticide yields with reasonable accuracy on large, ungaged river basins.

Help using the model

See our software listing for interfaces and other tools that use SWAT. Commonly used graphical user interfaces for SWAT using GIS are ArcSWAT (ArcGIS) and QSWAT (QGIS). We offer beginner and advanced workshops using the SWAT model.

Our user groups are a good place to exchange your ideas and issues about the use of SWAT with fellow SWAT model users.

Looking for older software not listed on this page? Check out the archive for earlier versions of SWAT.