SWAT-Related Job Announcements

Interdisciplinary (Agricultural Engineer/Environmental Engineer/Soil Scientist), USDA-ARS, Temple, TX - Posted August 2019

This is an early career position, so new PhDs are welcome. You must be a US citizen. Responsibilities include:

  • Determine ecological, agronomic and/or environmental responses to climatic drivers and management activities across multiple temporal and spatial scales.
  • Perform interdisciplinary research as an integral team member for the Long-Term Agroecosystem (LTAR) network using broad-ranging and disparate datasets from multiple LTAR network sites.
  • Develop methodologies or techniques to incorporate broad-ranging, geospatially explicit and disparate datasets into natural resource models to improve the accuracy of real-time information used as model input.
  • Reporting research results and transferring technology in support of research project.

See the job posting for more information.

Research Assistant (Post-doc) at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW), Poland - Posted July 2019

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW) is looking for a person to work as a research assistant (post-doc) in the full-time position at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Division of Hydrology and Water Resources. The objective of this project is to increase the understanding about the effects of river flow variability, with a particular focus on extreme low and high discharges, on biota (macro-invertebrates and fish) of temperate floodplain rivers
under multiple pressures such as climate, land use and water use change. More information.

PhD position (with scholarship) and possible junior researcher position: Analysis of the hydrology and land-based contaminant delivery of a complex catchment - Posted June 2019

Klaipeda University Marine Research Institute (Lithuania) is looking for motivated students to join and pursue a PhD in Ecology and Environmental sciences (2019-2023). Proposed thesis topic: Analysis of the hydrology and land-based contaminant delivery of a complex catchment. More information.

Research Assistantship for New Doctoral Student interested in Food-Energy-Water Nexus Research at Oregon State University - Posted June 2019

The School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University invites applications for a PhD position in area of food-energy-water nexus and decision support systems. The position is funded via a research assistantship, which includes tuition waiver, a competitive graduate stipend, and health benefits. Student should have experience with Soil Water Assessment Tool and similar watershed models, as well as multi-objective optimization. Research includes collaborating with existing team towards development and evaluation of a secure decision support system for coordination of adaptation planning among food, energy, and water actors in the Pacific Northwest. The candidate would be expected to assist with stakeholder engagement, develop computer models involving simulation-optimization algorithms, conduct research experiments and publish the results in high caliber, peer reviewed journals.

Desired skills include extensive research experience and the ability to work effectively in an interdisciplinary project, excellent oral and written communication skills, expertise in hydrology, water resources systems analyses, decision support systems, and expert systems, Strong programming skills in Python, C++, JAVA, SQL, and JavaScript, and expertise in statistical analysis and applications such as R or SPSS.

Students interested in applying for this position must contact Dr. Meghna Babbar-Sebens (meghna@oregonstate.edu) via email at earliest convenience. Position is expected to start as early as Fall 2019, but with flexibility to start at a later term. Students can apply to the Ph.D. Program by visiting the online application site.

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