Software SWAT-CUP

SWAT-CUP was updated December 2016.

Download the user manual.

You will need the open-source compression software, 7-zip to open the SWAT-CUP download.

SWAT-CUP is a calibration/uncertainty or sensitivity program interface for SWAT.

SWAT‐CUP is a public domain program, and as such may be used and copied freely. The program links SUFI2, PSO, GLUE, ParaSol, and MCMC procedures to SWAT. It enables sensitivity analysis, calibration, validation, and uncertainty analysis of SWAT models. SWAT‐CUP has been tested for all procedures prior to release. However, no warranty is given that the program is completely error‐free. If you encounter problems with the code, find errors, or have suggestions for improvement, please comment at the SWAT-CUP Google group.

More information as well as an alternative download link for SWAT-CUP may be found at

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