SWAT-CUP is a program for calibration of SWAT models. The program could be used to perform calibration, validation, sensitivity analysis (one-at-a-time, and global) and uncertainty analysis. The program links SUFI2, GLUE, ParaSol, MCMC, and PSO to SWAT. For help using SWAT-CUP, please visit the SWAT-CUP Google group.

Most recent version from Water, Weather Energy, and Ecosystem (2w2e)

Get the most recent version of SWAT-CUP, SWAT-CUP Premium, or SWATplus-CUP from 2w2e. This version is actively updated and maintained. You must purchase an activation license to get the full features of this software.

Public domain version

Previous versions of SWAT-CUP were available in the public domain. This version is no longer updated or maintained. It will work with SWAT rev. 670.