SWAT Check

SWAT Check reads model output from a SWAT project and performs many simple checks to identify potential model problems. Download SWAT Check 2.0.1 (14 July 2023).

Microsoft Windows only. Tested in SWAT 2012 revisions to 688. For SWAT+ models, SWAT+ Check is included in the editor.

Source code: github.com/swat-model/swat-check

The intended purpose of this program is to identify model problems early in the modeling process. Hidden model problems often result in the need to recalibrate or regenerate a model, resulting in an avoidable waste of time. This program is designed to compare a variety of SWAT outputs to nominal ranges based on the judgment of model developers. A warning does not necessarily indicate a problem; the purpose is to bring attention to unusual predictions. This software also provides a visual representation of various model outputs to aid novice users.

Previous versions

SWAT Check, released Nov. 2018
Use this version if you have trouble with the new release. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later

Download SWAT_Check for SWAT2009 revision 500 or earlier.
Use this version if you are running ArcSWAT 2009.

If you encounter problems with the above version, try this one instead, also only for SWAT2009 rev. 500 or earlier.