The Soil & Water Assessment Tool is a small watershed to river basin-scale model used to simulate the quality and quantity of surface and ground water and predict the environmental impact of land use, land management practices, and climate change. SWAT is widely used in assessing soil erosion prevention and control, non-point source pollution control and regional management in watersheds.


Introducing SWAT+, a completely revised version of the SWAT model. SWAT+ provides a more flexible spatial representation of interactions and processes within a watershed.

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July 15-19 in Vienna, Austria

October 21-26 in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Upcoming Workshops


Join us for a special SWAT session at the Vietnam International Water Week (VACI2019) in Hanoi the 22nd - 25th of March. Read the flyer for more information.

Beginner SWAT Workshop in Kenitra, Morocco

José-Miguel Snchez-Pérez (CNRS, France) and Sabine Sauvage (CNRS, France) helped conduct a beginner SWAT workshop at the Université Ibn Tofail, Faculté des Sciences in Kenitra, Morocco, the 11-14th of December 2018.

Software & Data Tools

Global Weather Data for SWAT

Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR) data from 1979-2014


QGIS Interface to SWAT / Version 1.7

8 Oct 2018

ArcGIS Interface to SWAT / Version 2012.10.21

1 Oct 2018
SWAT Editor

Modify SWAT Inputs / Version 2012.10.21

1 Oct 2018
SWAT2012 Model

Executables and source code / rev. 670

1 Oct 2018

Calibration/uncertainty or sensitivity / Version

June 2018
WGN Parameters Estimation Tool

Using Microsoft Access / Version 0.18.03

17 Apr 2018
WET - Water Ecosystems Tool

Advanced lake and reservoir modeling coupled to SWAT

SWAT Check

Identify potential model input problems / Version

6 Nov 2018

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