SWAT Editor

Download SWAT Editor 2012.10.23 (8 June 2020). Remember to uninstall any previous versions before installing a new version.

SWAT Editor reads the project database generated by ArcSWAT or QSWAT, allowing the user to edit swat input files, execute SWAT run, perform sensitivity, auto-calibration and uncertainty analysis. This is a standalone program and does not require GIS, thus helping users of ArcSWAT and QSWAT to share their project with others that do not have GIS or much experience with GIS in general. 

Key procedures

  • Load or select the ArcSWAT extension
  • Delineate the watershed and define the HRUs (including landuse, soil, and slope as a unique HRU)
  • (Optional) Edit SWAT databases
  • Define the weather data
  • Apply the default input files writer
  • (Optional) Edit the default input files
  • Set up (requires specification of simulation period, PET calculation method, etc.) and run SWAT
  • (Optional) Apply a calibration tool
  • (Optional) Analyze, plot and graph SWAT output (VizSWAT)