SWAT is a comprehensive watershed management model that encompasses several disciplines. We try to simulate the major components of these processes as simply and realistically as possible.

Not only is the model complex, the inputs and outputs can also seem overwhelming at first. We try to keep all inputs readily available and supply required data for weather, soils, crops, pesticides and nutrients (for the U.S.). We also have developed various interfaces to ease input development. We appreciate any suggestions or bugs you may find in the interfaces.

SWAT User Groups

The SWAT user groups provide a method to exchange your ideas and issues about the use of SWAT model with fellow SWAT model users. The SWAT development team monitors all messages posted to the user groups.

International User Groups

SWAT+ User Groups

SWAT+ is a completely revised version of the SWAT model. If you are using SWAT+ for your projects, we have separate user groups set up for the model and interfaces.

Development Team Support

We will be happy to work with you as problems and questions arise. Please keep in mind (1) it may take several weeks to feel comfortable running the model and (2) we are a research agency. We will do our best to respond to your questions, but if you have tight deadlines, please remember that we are often traveling or have deadlines of our own.

If you do not receive an adequate reply to your question from the user groups, you may contact the development team.