Contact Our Team

For general information about SWAT, contact: Jeff Arnold (254) 770-6502 or Nancy Sammons (254) 770-6512.
For workshop information, contact: R. Srinivasan (979) 845-5069.

Jeff Arnold – Hydraulic Engineer

(254) 770-6502,
Arnold assists with model development.

Mike White – Agricultural Engineer

(254) 770-6523,
Mike provides model support.

Raghavan Srinivasan – Professor at Texas A&M University

(979) 845-5069,
Srinivasan assists with GIS, modeling, application and interfaces.

Nancy Sammons – Computer Assistant

(254) 770-6512,
Sammons assists with the PC version of SWAT, Windows interface for SWAT, and user assistance.

Georgie Mitchell – Computer Assistant

(254) 770-6514,
Mitchell assists with installation and auto calibration troubles as well as data problems.

Mauro Di Luzio – Assistant Research Scientist

(254) 774-6138,
Di Luzio assists with GIS, modeling, and application, as well as the SWAT/ArcView interface.

Xuesong Zhang – Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Xuesong assists with GIS and Carbon Modeling

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