Workshops Instructional Videos

These videos were created by Purdue University, in collaboration with Texas A&M, with funding from EPA.


  1. Introduction to SWAT and the Instructional Videos

Downloading and Setting Up ArcSWAT

  1. Download and Install ArcSWAT
  2. Folders and Files

Running the Lake Fork Example

  1. Getting Started - Set up the initial project
  2. Watershed Delineation
  3. HRU Analysis
  4. Weather Data Input
  5. Write and Edit Input Files
  6. The SWAT Model Simulation
  7. SWAT Output Files

Running and Evaluating SWAT in Your Watershed

  1. Obtaining elevation, land use, and soil data for your watershed
  2. Obtaining weather data from theNational Climatic Data Center
  3. Importing your weather data into SWAT
  4. Modifying SWAT inputs - the HRU File
  5. Modifying the inputs to represent tile drains
  6. Downloading streamflow data from USGS

For more information about the videos, contact Jane Frankenberger, Professor Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University at or 765-494-1194.

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