Software MWSWAT

Download the MapWindow GIS system or get MWSWAT in Vietnamese.

There is now a free, open source interface to SWAT, consisting of the GIS system MapWindow and the MapWindow-SWAT interface MWSWAT. Some of you saw it demonstrated by Chris George at the SWAT Conference last July. Broadly, MWSWAT provides the same functionality as ArcSWAT.

The WaterBase website also includes

  • a tutorial document on running MWSWAT
  • global landuse and soil data provided by Karim Abbaspour of Eawag
  • global precipitation and temperature data
  • global river basins maps
  • a tutorial on preparing MWSWAT input maps from global ones
  • data for two example watersheds for you try MWSWAT on

The WaterBase project has broader aims than providing MWSWAT. It hopes to develop an international network of users and developers of tools for Integrated Water Resource Management, particularly, but not exclusively, in developing countries. If you want to be involved, or kept informed about its activities, or have feedback on MWSWAT, then email

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