2003 - Bari, Italy

The 2nd International SWAT Conference was held in Bari, Italy in July 2003. The focus of this conference was to allow an international community of researchers and scholars to discuss the latest advances in the use of the SWAT model to assess water quality trends.


The 2nd International SWAT Conference was sponsored by Instituto di Ricerca sulle Acque (Water Research Institute) and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council), and co-sponsored by USDA-ARS Research Laboratory, Blackland Research and Extension Center (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station), and Spatial Sciences Laboratory (Texas A&M University).

Organizing Committee

Jeff Arnold (USDA ARS, Texas, USA)
Roberto Passino (IRSA-CNR, Italy)
Raghavan Srinivasan (Texas A&M University, Texas USA)
Antonio Lo Porto (IRSA-CNR, Italy)

Conference Proceedings

Pictures & Presentations