Pictures and Presentations from Day 1
of the 2nd International SWAT Conference
July 1st, 2003
16.00 - 18.00
Registration and Ice Breaking Cocktail Party
July 2nd, 2003
Session A
Convenor Roberto Passino
9.30 - 10.00
Roberto Passino, Jeff Arnold, Antonio Lo Porto, Local Authorities
10.00 - 11.45
Roundtable Directions in Watershed Modelling
R. Passino (IRSA-CNR, Director, Italy, EURAQUA),
A. Jones (Texas A&M University, USA),
A. Tilche (European Commission - DG Research),
J. Froebrich (Hannover University, Germany, Chairman of the TempQsim EU R&D Project),
S. Borgvang (NIVA, Norway, Chairman of the EuroHarp EU R&D Project),
G. Bidoglio (EU Joint Research Centre, Italy, Pilot River Basin Network Secretariat),
M. Girod (Maison des Sciences de l'Eau - Universite de Montpellier 2, Director).
11.45 - 12.00 Coffee Break
Session A (continued)
Convenor Antonio Lo Porto
12.00 - 12.20 T. Dillaha (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA)
12.20 - 12.40 M. Fiorentino (Universita della Basilicata, Italy, PUB Initiative)
12.40 - 13.30 R. Srinivasan, M. DiLuzio, J. Arnold
SWAT2003 - New Developments in the Model and AV Interface
Session B
SWAT Developments
Convenor Nicola Fohrer
15.00 - 15.20
Claire Baffaut, Jeff G. Arnold, and John S. Schumacher
Fecal coliform fate and transport simulation with SWAT
15.20 - 15.40
Saleh, A., Bing Du., J.G. Arnold, D.B. Jaynes
Enhancement of Tile and Pothole Flow Components in SWAT: Application to the Walnut Creek Watershed, Iowa.
15.40 - 16.00 Chaponniere, A; Maisongrande, P.; Hanniche L.
Combining satellite information to SWAT for the modelling of snow runoff in a small semi-arid mountainous watershed in Morocco.
16.00 - 16.20 Marlos Jhonny Melo de Souza, Robert E. White and Bill Malcolm
Applying AVS2000 to predict runoff and phosphorus movement from an agricultural catchment to support the modelling of chlorophyll a production.
16.20 - 16.50 Coffee Break
Session C
Model Applications I
Convenor Faycal Bouraoui
16.50 - 17.10 Maria Grazia Badas, Mauro Sulis, Roberto Deidda, Enrico Piga, Marino Marrocu and Claudio Paniconi
Evaluation of SWAT streamflow components for the Araxisi Catchment (Sardinia, Italy).
17.10 - 17.30 Eugenio Benedini, Flavio Cammillozzi, Angiolo Martinelli
Model SWAT Application on the Alban Hills
17.30 - 17.50 Wenzhi Cao, William B. Bowden, Tim Davie, Andrew Fenemor
Application of SWAT in a large mountainous catchment with high spatial variability.
17.50 - 18.10 Pierluigi Cau, Allessandro Cadeddu, Claudio Gallo, Giuditta Lecca & Marion Marrocu
Estimating available water resource of the Sardinian Island using the SWAT model.
18.10 - 18.30 Juan Guillermo Martinez, Rodolfo Jasso, Ignacio Sanchez and Jeffrey J. Stone
Runoff volume simulation in a semiarid watershed in northern Mexico using the SWAT model and GIS