Model Support

For help using the SWAT model, please visit the user groups first. This is the quickest way to receive help with your model issues. If you do not receive an adequate reply to your question from the user groups, you may contact the development team:

Questions on model input/output Nancy Sammons (254) 770-6512 Information Technology Specialist
Jeff Arnold (254) 770-6502 Agricultural Engineer
Georgie Mitchell (254) 770-6514 Information Technology Specialist
Interface support R. Srinivasan (979) 845-5069 Professor
Model support Mike White (254) 770-6523 Agricultural Engineer

Website Support

If you encounter errors, broken links, or any other issues with the SWAT website itself, please contact Jaclyn Tech.

If you would like to post a workshop, job announcement, publication, or any other SWAT-related content, please contact R. Srinivasan.

You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter. Like and follow us for software updates, workshop dates, and conference announcements.