SWAT-MODFLOW is an integrated hydrological model that couples SWAT land surface processes with spatially-explicit groundwater flow processes. QSWATMOD is a QGIS-based graphical user interface that facilitates linking SWAT and MODFLOW, running SWAT-MODFLOW simulations, and viewing results.

The zip file contains: tutorial with example dataset, source code, and compiled executable

The zip file contains: executable for installing QSWATMOD and tutorial with example dataset

SWAT-MODFLOW is a public domain model, and as such may be used and copied freely. The model links SWAT with the newest version of MODFLOW, MODFLOW-NWT. Recharge rates are passed from SWAT HRUs to the MODFLOW grid, and groundwater-surface water interactions simulated by MODFLOW are passed to SWAT subbasin channels for routing.

Documentation and the SWAT-MODFLOW executable are available as downloads. A user interface to facilitate SWAT-MODFLOW linkage and model set-up currently is in development. SWAT-MODFLOW has been tested in several watersheds. However, no warranty is given that the model is completely error-free. If you encounter problems with the model or have suggestions for improvement, please comment at the SWAT-MODFLOW Google group.