SWAT+ Workshop Agenda

This workshop will train users in SWAT+. The workshop is designed to be approximately 80% hands-on. We limit the class size to provide an opportunity for as much one-on-one interaction as possible. The list of topics below is a general guide for what is covered in the workshop. Please see specific details of the workshop you are attending for computer requirements and location information.

It is assumed that attendees have some knowledge of QGIS. Only very limited knowledge is required: loading vector and raster maps, panning, zooming, selecting features. We will not have time to review these basic concepts of GIS usage prior to covering the SWAT+ interface.

Sample agenda for online 4-day workshop:

Day 1 8:30-10:30 am Theory and conceptual SWAT+ model
10:45-12:00 pm Hands-on QSWAT+ watershed delineation using example datasets comes with QSWAT+
Day 2 8:30-12:00 pm (15 minutes break) Continue hands-on QSWAT+ land use, soils, and slope overlay - HRU preparation
Day 3 8:30-12:00 pm (15 minutes break) SWAT+ Editor session using the QSWAT+ project developed and model execution, reading the results, saving projects
Day 4 8:30-12:00 pm (15 minutes break) Visualization, running scenarios, and Q&A session

The following topics will be covered:

  • Welcome/introductions
  • Model overview (theory)
  • Model applications (theory)
  • Introduction to the QSWAT+ interface (GIS)
  • Watershed delineation
  • Landuse and soil overlay
  • HRU delineation
  • Weather and remaining inputs to develop the SWAT model (including point sources) using the SWAT+ Editor
  • Review of summary outputs
  • Using the SWAT+ Check program to identify possible problems
  • Finishing the SWAT simulation and saving results
  • Visualization and interpretation of SWAT+ outputs
  • Addressing user requests and clarifying anything covered on the first two days

Please install the latest version of SWAT+ before the start of the workshop.