Conferences Awards

During our annual conferences, the SWAT community gives awards recognizing outstanding efforts and achievements in the development and improvement of the SWAT model. We have started this page to keep track of the award winners, but unfortunately did not keep good records of previous years. If you have information about awards given, please contact us.

2015 - Purdue University, USA

2015 - Sardinia, Italy

2014 - Pernambuco, Brazil

2013 - Toulouse, France

Please see the awards book for more information about these awards and their recipients.

2011 - Toledo, Spain

SWAT Ambassadors:

  • A.K. Gosain
  • Allan Jones
  • Ann van Griensven
  • Antonio Lo Porto
  • Attachai Jintrawet
  • Fanghua Hao
  • Jeffrey Arnold
  • Jimmy Williams
  • José María Bodoque del Pozo
  • Karim Abbaspour
  • Nguyen Kim Loi
  • Manuel Reyes
  • Michael Winchell
  • Nam-Won Kim
  • Nancy Sammons
  • Nicola Fohrer
  • Peter Allen
  • Philip Gassman
  • Raghavan Srinivasan
  • Valentina Krysanova
  • Chris George
  • José Miguel Sanchez Perez
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