Software ArcSWAT

ArcSWAT is an ArcGIS-ArcView extension and graphical user input interface for SWAT.

Download ArcSWAT 2012.10.18 (updated Oct. 6)

Remember to uninstall any previous versions of ArcSWAT before installing a new version.

For ArcGIS 10.3:

For ArcGIS 10.2:
Note: This release is developed for 10.2.2, but may work with other 10.2.x versions.

For ArcGIS 10.1 SP1:

For ArcGIS 10.0 SP5:
Note: this is the final ArcSWAT version for ArcGIS 10.0.


Additional resources

Older versions

ArcSWAT 2009.10.1
ArcSWAT 2009.93.7b
ArcSWAT for SWAT2005
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