Workshops Beginner Workshop Agenda (QSWAT)

The workshop will train users in SWAT2012. The workshop is designed to be approximately 80% hands-on. We limit the class size to provide an opportunity for as much one-on-one interaction as possible.

It may be possible to provide some computers, but we encourage attendees to bring their own laptops. If you have your own laptop it is a good idea to install QGIS and QSWAT beforehand. Follow the instructions in the user manual from the QSWAT web page.

It is assumed that attendees have some knowledge of QGIS. Only very limited knowledge is required: loading vector and raster maps, panning, zooming, selecting features. We will not have time to review these basic concepts of QGIS usage prior to covering the QSWAT interface.

The following topics will be covered:

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