Software SWAT Executables SWAT Revision History

Revision 635
  • IEVENT simplified/clarified ieven t= 2 and 3 removed
    • 0 daily rainfall/curve number technique
    • 1 sub-daily rainfall/Green&Ampt/hourly routing
Revision 634
  • No significant changes.
Revision 633
  • Clarified CSWAT (carbon) code:
    • 0 Static soil carbon (old mineralization routines)
    • 1 C-FARM one carbon pool model
    • 2 Century model
  • Added default for SOL_CBN = 0.0 (0.10).
Revision 632
  • Added the AREA(km2) to the output.mgt file.
Revision 631
  • Fixed a bug in subroutine res.f.  Subtracted the outflow at the timestep.
  • Problem fix with biomass/yield reporting zero in output.std when using harvest and kill operations.
Revision 630
  • Fixed a bug in the subroutine (lasted.f and rthsed.f) that calculates the sediment load contributed in later flow for hourly time step.
Revision 629
  • Added 4 new inputs to the .lwq (lake water quality) input file.
    • theta_n (default = 1.08)
    • theta_p (default = 1.08)
    • con_nirr (default = 0.0)
    • con_pirr (default = 0.0)
Revision 628
  • No significant changes.
Revision 627
  • ‘surlag’ input (.bsn) changed to ‘surlag_bsn’ (if the input for surlag is <= 0 in the .hru file, the model will use surlag_bsn from .bsn file – defaulted to 4.)
  • ‘prf’ taken out (.hru) and changed to ‘surlag’ (if the input for prf is <= 0 in the .hru file, the model will use prf_bsn from the .bsn file defaulted to 1.)
  • Autoirr issues in output.mgt resolved (reporting issue)
    • NOTES regarding the autoirr changes: The SCHEDULED irrigation from the .mgt input file will be labelled as: “SCHED AUTOIRR” in the output.mgt file. The actual applications will be labeled in same file as “AUTOIRR”.  The ‘scheduled irrigation’ is when it was scheduled in the .mgt rotation.  AUTOIRR is when it actually was triggered and applied.
  • Subdaily problem with reservoirs fixed
Revision 626
  • No significant changes.
Revision 625
  • ‘r2adj’ input (.bsn) changed to ‘r2adjbsn’
  • ‘prf’ input (.bsn) changed to ‘prf_bsn’
Revision 624
  • Minor subdaily changes
  • Format extended for MSK_K in input.std output file (from f6.2 to f8.2)
Revision 623
  • No significant changes.
Revision 622
  • Sensitivity of the ‘SPCON’ (.bsn) input variable corrected (affecting sediment output)
Revision 620
  • Double-calculating reservoir outflow problem fixed
  • Writing of subbain/hru numbers in output.pot corrected
Revision 619
  • ACTP check added in code
  • Pothole and phosphorus in tile issues corrected (for WLEB)
Revision 618
  • QUAL2E (IWQ=1) changes
Revision 617
  • Subdaily bmp changes
Revision 616
  • Grassed waterways issue resolved
Revision 614
  •  ET > PET bug issue corrected
Revision 613
  • Rangeland crop and LAI issue corrected
  • DRAINMOD problem corrected
Revision 612
  • Reservoir surface area miscalculation corrected
Revision 610
  • Carbon outputs in output.hru corrected
Revision 609
  • Problem found in plant growth that was affecting total sediment yield fixed. Note:  Advise users not to use Revision 593-608 that contains this problem
Revision 605
  • OUTPUT.SWR writing SOL_ST instead of SOL_NO3
Revision 604
  • Correction made to output.mgt in reporting yieldn and yieldp
Revision 602
  • Reservoir correction from Revision 593;  Note:  revisions 593-601 should not be used when watershed contains reservoirs
Revision 599
  • Removal of all continuation line characters (&)
Revision 597
  • Residue renewal resolved
  • New outputs in output.mgt file (yieldgrn/yieldbms/yieldtbr/yieldrsd)
Revision 595
  • Added water temperature to output.rch file
  • Sugarcane LAI issue resolved
Revision 591
  • Forecasting allocation fixed
  • Computing ET from canopy fixed
Revision 589
  • Reservoir target release resolved
Revision 586
  • CH_BNK_KD issue resolved
Revision 585
  • Auto_eff resolved
Revision 584
  • Surface runoff when areas really small issue resolved
Revision 582
  • Low sediment yield issue resolved
  • Yields in OUTOUT.HRU and OUTPUT.MGT corrected
Revision 581
  • Reservoir emergency volume issue resolved
Revision 580
  • Added SSTMAXD_BSN, IAMAX to .bsn input file.  Added SATMAXD to .sdr file
Revision 577
  • Added Century carbon model
Revision 576
  • Number of management operations issue fixed
Revision 575
  • HOURQ.OUT in exponential format instead of floating
Revision 571
  • Increased daily solar radiation, relative humidity and wind speed from 300 to 1800 gages
  • Added LATQ contribution to output.hru file
  • Added new inputs (POT_SOLP and POT_K) to .hru file
Revision 545
  • Point source recall fixed
Revision 537
  • Added GW DEEP to output.hru and output.std files
  • Added ALPHA_BF_D to .GW input file
Revision 525
  • New code added to file.cio to print mm/dd/yyyy to daily ouput.sub, .rch, and .hru files
Revision 522
  • DOX changes in code
Revision 519
  • Corrected autofert/zero biomass issues for Wetland/Forest
Revision 518
  • Added the option of monthly atmospheric deposition files
Revision 510
  • Changes in snow melt routine
Revision 507
  • Moved SOL_P_MODEL and IABSTR to bottom of .bsn file
Revision 506
  • Added IWTR code to file.cio to print output.wtr and output.pot files
  • Removed pothole flag out of .sub file
Revision 503
  • Added new output.mgt file
Revision 500
  • Corrected irrigation issues when coming from a reach
Revision 497
  • Added total nitrogen and total phosphorus to output.rch file
Revision 495
  • DRAINMOD Tile and landscape routing code added
Revision 492
  • Autocalibration routines removed
Revision 491
  • Urban BMP changes – new inputs added to .bsn and .pnd files
Revision 490
  • Soil phosphorus calculations changed
  • Added new inputs SOL_CAL and SOL_PH – Soil calcium and soil PH (average of 20,000 SSURGO soils)
  • Operation scheduling case added for
    • Implement Residue Management
    • User define Upland CP removal
Revision 487
  • Corrected NH4 and NO2 in/out zeroed in output.rch file
Revision 485
  • Corrected high NO3 values in groundwater
Revision 484
  • Corrected high channel P loads
Revision 482
  • Added IYR to the end of OUTPUT. RSV file
Revision 481
  • Improved/Fixed PET and soil moisture routing outputs
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