Poster Presentations from the 3rd International SWAT Conference
Motalib Ahsan, Global Climate Change and Future of Water Resources in Bangladesh
Majid Afyuni, Nitrate pollution of groundwater in central Iran
Manouchehr Amini, Mapping risk of cadmium and lead contamination to human healthin soils of Central Iran
Saeed Boroomand, Crop coefficients of sugarcane (Ratoon) in Haft Tappeh of Iran
Saeed Boroomand, Floodwater effect on infiltration rate of a floodwater spreading system in Moosian
P. Cau, A Decision Support System based on the SWAT model for the Sardinian Water Authorities.
Johannes Deelstra, Scale issues hydrological pathways, and nitrogen runoff from agriculture- results from the Mellupite catchment, Latvia
Thorsten Dey, Spatially differentiated calculation of the water balance in a part of the Treene watershed (Northern Germany)
Shaaban-Ali Gholami, Distributed Watershed Modeling of a mountainous catchment
C.H. Green, SWAT model development for a large agricultural watershed in Iowa
Mohammad Hajabbasi, Depasturtation effects on soil physical and chemical properties in Isfahan and CharMahal Bakhtiari Region
Fanghua Hao, The study of the non-point source pollution in Heihe River Basin
Claudia Hiepe, Modeling soil erosion in a sub-humid tropical environment at the regional scale
Andreas L.Horn, Modeling water quality issues in the Treene catchment in northern Germany
A. Jalalian, Soil physical and chemical properties as indicators of the degree of land degradation in Kuhrang Area, Zayandehrud Watershed
Manoj Jha, An assessment of alternative conservation practice and land use strategies on the hydrology and water quality of the Upper Mississippi River Basin
S. Kondratyev, Macro-scale catchment modeling in North-West Russia
Peter Laszlo, Application of AVSWAT2000 to simulate the various management scenarios on the Lake Balaton watershed, Hungary
Roberta Maletta, Impact of precipitation data interpolation on the quality of SWAT simulations
Ivan Maximov, Modeling of hydrology and water quality in the Thur River Basin
Claire Baffaut, SWAT modeling response of soil erosion and runoff to changes in precipitation and cover
Maria Quiteria Oliveira, Hydrologic modeling semi arid region (Brazil)
Thorsten Pohlert, Evaluation of the soil nitrogen balance model in SWAT with lysimeter data
Joachim Post, Modeling soil carbon cycle for the assessment of carbon sequestration potentials at the river basin scale
A. Rahimi, Evaluation of soil infiltration in furrow irrigation and determination of Kostiakov & Kostiakov- Lewis equations coefficients
Pipat Reungsang, Assessment of agricultural management practices in the Upper Maquoketa River Watershed Northeast Iowa: using two modeling approaches
Juan G. Martínez Rodríguez, Using SWAT model to assess vegetation change effects on runoff volume in a semi arid watershed in Northern Mexico: I. model calibration and validation
Hamed Rouhani, Evaluation of SWAT stream flow components for the Grote Nete River Basin
Ramesh Rudra, Application of AVSWAT2000 to Fairchild Creek, Grand River, Ontario
Hossein Saadati, Investigation of the effect of land use change on simulating daily discharge flow using SWAT (case study: Kasilian catchment area)
Javad Sadatinejad, Water-salt balance in large catchments
C. Santhi, A modeling approach for evaluating the water quality benefits of conservation practices at the national level
Ivan Sarwar, Creation of monitoring system of the Dnipro River Basin to protect environment and public health
Gholamabbas Sayyad, Transport and uptake of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in Calcareous Soil of Central Iran under wheat and safflower cultivation - a column study
Sucharita Sen, Monitoring and evaluation of integrated watershed development programs in India: a case study of Dangri Watershed, Haryana
Sucharita Sen, Prioritizing watershed development programs in developing countries
Dongil Seo, Application of Meso-Scale Land Cover Information for Nonpoint Source Pollutant Modeling of Yongdam Dam Watershed Area, Korea using AVSWAT
Gene Takle, Climate change impacts on the hydrology and water quality of the upper Mississippi River Basin
Antje Ullrich, The sensitivity of SWAT to the variation of management parameters
A. Vassiljev, Model for nitrogen leaching from a watershed using field scale models
Gabriel G. Vazquez, Use of SWAT to compute groundwater table depth and stream flow in Muscatatuck River Watershed
Gabriel G. Vazquez, Calibration and validation of the swat model to predict atrazine in streams in northeast Indiana
T. L. Veith, Method for analyzing parameter uncertainty in SWAT 2003
S.M. White, The TERRACE project: SWAT application for diffuse chemical pollution modeling
S.M. White, Catchment scale modeling of pesticide losses with imperfect data - a case study from the UK
J. Whitehead, Ensuring appropriate hydrological response for past and future nutrient load modeling in the Norfolk Broads
Eyilachew Yitayew, Groundwater resource management in the urban environment