Developers 2015 - Developer Workshop - Sardinia, Italy


Reconvene the “core developer’s group” to discuss current SWAT status and suggest future development needs and plans.  Review progress after the Sardinia 2015 workshop.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Status of work outlined at Toulouse 2013.
  2. List of existing shortcomings/weaknesses in current SWAT approaches and proposed enhancements.
  3. Action items from each working group with people, responsibilities, and deadlines.
  4. Plan for the Developer’s website, version control, and archived data sets.

The SWAT Developer’s Conference (Sardinia, 2015) is fast approaching (June 18, 19).  The developers are again split into four groups: 1) Landscape Processes, 2) River/landscape Continuum, 3) Plant Growth, competition, crop management, and 4) New Technology. 

Each group needs to prepare a brief summary on status of development items from Toulouse 2013 and current state-of-art in modeling of the relevant topic area.  Then discuss limitations of current approach and advantages of potential alternative approaches.  You may also consider what additional data is required in alternative approaches.   If current algorithms are adequate, you may suggest additional testing that is needed.  The breakout sessions on Thursday will be devoted to those issues and the summary you prepare for the conference should serve as an outline for the Thursday breakout session.

On Friday, the breakout sessions will focus on recommendations for the future and a development of a plan that will hopefully include potential collaborators, model testing and timelines.

Hopefully, we are able to accomplish many of the developments discussed at the Toulouse Conference in 2013 and I am looking forward to seeing everyone and to a productive and enjoyable conference in Sardinia.

Join the SWAT Developer's Google group (the workshop agenda is posted here)

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