Developers 2013 - Developer Workshop - Toulouse, France

The 2013 SWAT Model Developer's Conference took place July 11-12, 2013 at Paul Sabatier Université, Toulouse, France.

The 2013 Model Developer's Conference focused on 4 topics:

1. Landscape Processes

Martin Volk, Nicola Fohrer, David Bosch, Hendrik Rathjens, Louis Thibodeaux, Xuesong Zhang

  • Gridded landscape version at Tifton. Dynamic wetness index.
  • Vertical profile transport of emerging contaminants
  • Improved Lowland processes – tile and groundwater
  • Century carbon validation

2. River Landscape Continuum and In-Stream Processes

Peter Allen, Jose Miguel Sanchez Perez, Mike White, Sabine Sauvage, Balaji

  • Channel erosion, transport/deposition, pool/riffle
  • Floodplain and riparian processes
  • Particulate and dissolved organic carbon - biofilm
  • Contaminant transfer – in-stream Kd
  • Finite element groundwater model and MODFLOW link
  • Rice paddy irrigation

3. Plant Growth and Crop Management

Phil Gassman, Indrajeet Chaubey, Claire Baffaut, Michael Strauch, Jeff Arnold

  • Updating crop parameters into single database
  • Plant competition validation and development of agroforestry module
  • Bioenergy crop improvements and stover removal
  • Tropical conditions modifications
  • Realistic planting and applications as a function of heat unit and time distribution

4. New Technology

Karim Abbaspour, Jaehak Jeong, Srini

  • Objective function constraints
  • Model structure uncertainty
  • Sensitivity analysis routines
  • Continue modularization
  • Incorporate remotely sensed ET
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