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The most recent SWAT Model Developer's Conference took place July 11-12, 2013 at Paul Sabatier Université, Toulouse, France.

The first conference took place in Potsdam, Germany in 2006. More information about the 2006 conference and the Hydrological Sciences Journal Special Issue can be found here.

The next Model Developer's Conference is planned for summer 2015 in Sardinia, Italy.

The 2015 Model Developer's conference will be June 18-19 in Sardinia, Italy. See its webpage for our goals and agenda. The 2013 Model Developer's Conference focused on 4 topics:

1. Landscape Processes

Martin Volk, Nicola Fohrer, David Bosch, Hendrik Rathjens, Louis Thibodeaux, Xuesong Zhang

  • Gridded landscape version at Tifton. Dynamic wetness index.
  • Vertical profile transport of emerging contaminants
  • Improved Lowland processes – tile and groundwater
  • Century carbon validation

2. River Landscape Continuum and In-Stream Processes 

Peter Allen, Jose Miguel Sanchez Perez, Mike White, Sabine Sauvage, Balaji

  • Channel erosion, transport/deposition, pool/riffle
  • Floodplain and riparian processes
  • Particulate and dissolved organic carbon - biofilm
  • Contaminant transfer – in-stream Kd
  • Finite element groundwater model and MODFLOW link
  • Rice paddy irrigation

3. Plant Growth and Crop Management

Phil Gassman, Indrajeet Chaubey, Claire Baffaut, Michael Strauch, Jeff Arnold

  • Updating crop parameters into single database
  • Plant competition validation and development of agroforestry module
  • Bioenergy crop improvements and stover removal
  • Tropical conditions modifications
  • Realistic planting and applications as a function of heat unit and time distribution

4. New Technology

Karim Abbaspour, Jaehak Jeong, Srini

  • Objective function constraints
  • Model structure uncertainty
  • Sensitivity analysis routines
  • Continue modularization
  • Incorporate remotely sensed ET
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